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during the enema so the enema doesn’t leak out. 12 Connect the enema bag tubing to the catheter. 13 Open the clamp on the tubing. Let the enema flow in over 5–10 minutes. To slow the enema flow, close the roller clamp on the tubing a little or lower the bag a little. 14 Have your child keep the fluid in for 5–10 minutes.

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The Super XL Enema Bag Kit is recommended for the experienced user because of the high-velocity flow from the 1/2" diameter of the hose. This enema kit includes a 2500-cc (2.5-quart) clear vinyl enema bag, 1/2" x 60" clear enema hose with enema hose slide clamp, a flexible inflatable enema retention nozzle, and a pillow inflator pump.

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The enema bag is made out of natural rubber latex material and has a capacity of 2 quarts with an open top design. You’ll get a complete package because also included in the package are the straight nozzles for the enema and the hose, alongside a 12 FG colon tip, instruction leaflet and an extra laminated enema sheet that’s disposable and has a size of 31 by 72 inches.

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The enema bag or bucket should be above you. Gravity and the control on the tube should allow the solution to enter your rectum. Follow the directions. Depending on the purpose of your enema, your directions may vary at this point. Follow the instructions that were given to you by your doctor. Remove the tube.

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Prepare the solution. The water temperature should be slightly above body temperature, between 98 and 105 degrees F at time of use. You may need to heat water on the stove but BE SURE NOT TO USE HOT water that could hurt you, cool it down if necessary till it’s comfortable to the touch. Fill the enema bag 90% full with the water.

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Hang the enema bag on a hook, at an appropriate height. Fill the enema bag with your choice of enema solution, but make sure that the pinch clamp is closed when you do so. Lie down in a suitable position, apply lubricant and insert the nozzle for about 3 inches. Allow the solution to flow in, hold it and then evacuate.

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Enema Supplies. H&Y brings to you a complete range of economically priced Enema Supplies - a range that includes an assortment of Complete Enema Kits; Individual Bags or Buckets; Enema Hoses & Tubings; Colon Tubes; Enema Syringes; Hooks & Clamps as well as Herbs for Enema. Among Enema Bags, choose between the 2 quart & 4 quart latex bag kits ...

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The IV pole/enema bag is no farther than _____ above the table for the beginning of a barium enema procedure. 24 inches (61 cm) One of the most common pathologic indications for evacuative proctography is _____.

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1. Perforated hollow viscus. 2. Large bowel obstruction. (obstruction should be ruled out first with an acute abdominal series and a barium enema) Enteroclysis. This is a small bowel double-contrast study, that describes the injection of a nutrient or medicinal liquid into the bowel.