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r/HomemadeDildos: This sub is for any and all content that includes any thing but official sex toys or flesh being inserted either anally or …

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I've been using a homemade dildo for years. The weirdest thing I've stuck up my butt was a deactivated NATO 25×137mm round. Way too pointy to be enjoyable but they'll slide right up there. I was a weird kid. I swear I'm not Tina Belcher... *if you're not a pussy.... wait. That's beautiful.

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2. Silicone cock cage- need to create simple cage without any lock just to restrict erection along with ballring just like a plain XR brand. 3. Fisting dildo - A closed fist with solid base like gut puncher & stump like hankeys, which can withstand body weight ( I'm not into depth. So looking for stretch mainly)

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A community for MEN who like dildos. Seek advice, send pics, show off your collection, or show us how much dildo you can take! 16.6k. Members. 13. Online.

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1. Post Must Include a Dildo or If Not A Dildo Toy Must Be Inserted. 2. Females Only. 3. No Underage Content Or Implied Underage. 4. No Revenge, Involuntary Porn or Personal Info. 5.

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I’m cucking mr faerie with this huge dildo for a week. That means every night I am going to fuck this dildo and all he can do is watch. He’s not allowed his dick in my pussy until the end of the week when I’ve loosened myself up

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2 days ago. Only an 8 inch one and I still have a hard time getting it in my mouth. Wish I had an actual one to practice on. nsfw. 19. 0 comments. 59. Posted by. u/Ni66i.

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About Community. [F]emale [OC] Redditors only gone wild with their favorite sex toys and accessories: dildos, buttplugs, vibrators, wands, it's all good! *** PLEASE see the rules below before posting or commenting to avoid getting banned and reported to admins! ***. 68.7k.

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Even if you're using a store bought dildo, it's important to clean it after use. Using unclean sex toys can lead to bacterial and yeast infections, according to Women's Health Magazine. If the toy is shared, STD exposure is also a concern. One Redditor describes a particularly nasty encounter with a dirty dildo: Reddit - reddit.com