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Pros of Elastomer TPE/TPR Sex Toy Material: • Phthalate-free • Latex-free • Hypo-allergenic • Most commonly used in higher quality toys which also usually means better quality motors, switches etc. • Recyclable. Cons of Elastomer TPE/TPR Sex Toy Material: • Can be expensive • Porous (can’t be disinfected)

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TPE/TPR sex toys 🙁. Approach TPE and TPR toys with caution. This is the safest on this “avoid” list. Non-toxic but may still be porous, so I still recommend that you avoid it. If you absolutely must buy this, use a condom over it. TPE sex toys have been known to retain things like HPV, so definitely no sharing.

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Sex Toy Safety Information / Toxic Sex Toy Awareness The point of this page is basically to have a landing spot with an easy address. A one-stop shopping point, if you will, of all content that relates to sex toy materials, their safety (or dangers) and the industry as it relates to this topic.

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CLEANING: TPE dolls are fairly easy to clean but because they are porous, they cannot be sterilized. They can be cleaned with diluted antibacterial/mild soap and water or sex toy cleaners. Avoid: Bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water, and dishwasher. Alcohol, bleach, or dish soap will break down the material.

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TPR is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone, so we recommend using condoms when sharing. TPR toys cannot be disinfected with boiling water. You can wash them with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap.

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Sex Toy Myths – The Material Basics. We touched on talking about the differences and similarities on material; basically TPR/TPE is a blanket term consisting of many recipes that vary from brand to brand, and these recipes nearly never have harsh plasticizers – but for some reason PVC jelly rubber does.

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Not so long ago, there was widespread sex toy panic over soft toy materials like TPR thanks to the dreaded phthalate. Here’s the deal on phthalates. Some rubbers and plastics aren’t very soft to begin with, so they’re not as easy to mold into various shapes (a penis or a pussy, for example).

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The safe bet in using sex toys made from TPR or TPE as well as with any porous product is to protect yourself with a condom. The main danger here is their porousness makes them a good place for bacterial growth. At the same time, TPR&TPE have their advantages - they are flexible, soft and not too pricey.

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Whatever your reasons are for being interested in a certain sex toy material, or you had no idea the material was important, this guide will help you find the perfect material sex toy for you. Chemical Composition. When purchasing sex toys, a lot of people assume that the materials in the product are completely body-safe.

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Intriguingly, sex toy-related injuries appear to be rising. Rates were declining 1995-1999 but have been steadily and dramatically increasing since 2000. Researchers believe this may be because sex toy use has also risen during this period, as toys have become more easily accessible online, so with higher use comes a greater number of injuries[11].