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13 Places To Hide Your Vibe - The Frisky

Here are 13 places you could hide vibrators of all sizes and (probably) not get caught! Source : The Frisky. Cookie jar. In this awful hide-a-vibe bear. Inside the tissue box next to the bed. Source: Pinterest. In the freezer. Under the mattress (like the princess and the pea!) In your pillowcase.

Where do you hide your sex toys? - The Student Room

Report 10 years ago. #2. In a drawer inside of my closet, I usually lock the drawer...but you can just hang it inside of a bag that you never use or inside of a box under your bed - a box that doesn't look suspicious. Or maybe inside of a Harry Potter's book cover - just lose the book and use the cover to cover up you toys.

7 Most Discreet Vibrators You Can Hide in Plain Sight - Women.com

7 Vibrators so Discreet, You Can Keep Them in Your Purse at All Times. Vibrators are a godsend. After an incredibly stressful day, there's nothing like a much-needed pleasure session with your go-to vibe. Sometimes, you day is so stressful that you need to get off in the nearest bathroom stall, but carrying around your hefty rabbit vibrator isn ...

Where do you store your sex toys? | Metro News

Marie, 23. I keep my sex toys in any random box. But one time I had to quickly hide [a sex toy] in a pillowcase as it was on my bed and I forgot I had a friend coming over to stay.

5 Inconspicuous Places to Store Your Sex Toys - Women.com

Buy it from Lovehoney here! This storage system is a pretty hefty one that can hold a variety of sex toys in one container, making it easier on you. The locking system isn't as intricate as most, so you'll need to be sure to stash it somewhere prying eyes won't be looking. 3. Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case Large. via Lovehoney.

D.I.Y Sex Toys: Self-Love Edition | Scarleteen

Dildos. One of the more cliche images of the D.I.Y sex toy involves a lonely person with a cucumber. But what objects are actually good candidates for an improvised dildo? Quick aside for anyone who doesn't know, a dildo is a toy designed to be put inside an orifice of the body, like the vagina, anus or mouth. Some dildos vibrate, some do not.

6 Sex Toy Companies Disguised As Household Products | Cracked.com

In theory, a USB-rechargeable vibrator is actually a pretty good idea. Ask any single woman you know how much money she spends on batteries, and prepare for some soothing shoulder-patting. There's also the bonus of never running out of juice at an inopportune time (that's what husbands are for), but that's really the logical extent of the ...

9 Most Common Sex Fantasy of a Woman Revealed

Whether you’re looking for the most common fantasy of a married woman or just women’s topmost common fantasies, then you’re about to discover them. 1. Going down there. This may look like a common sexual activity between couples but the fact is, not all women experience the glorious feeling of being caressed down there. This is one of the ...

Secret Hiding Places You've Never Thought Of | Family Handyman

Hide it in the corner of a closet or other inconspicuous area. Or mount the wall safe inside a wall and cover it with a picture. Or chip out a hole in your concrete slab, stick in the floor hidden safe, then pour new concrete around it.

The Authentic Women's Penis Size Preference Chart

The Authentic Women's Penis Size Preference Chart. This image charts women's penis-size preference on a technical scale from "ideal" to "not satisfying." If you feel strongly about this topic, you ...